Expanding Educational Opportunity

Teach First Israel (TFI) was launched in 2010, in partnership with JDC- Israel, the Ministry of Education, Ha-Kol Hinuch Movement and Naomi Foundation with the mission to see that all Israeli children have the opportunity to pursue a future in any field they desire, regardless of the background from which they come.

TFI’s strategy is to overcome system-based inequality in educational and providing opportunities for children in need by recruiting and training the country’s brightest graduates, and placing them in the weakest schools in the social and geographic periphery, for a two-year commitment.

TFI teachers receive unique ongoing supervision and mentoring throughout the training, placement and integration within the school year and while they continue to study toward their teaching certificate.

TFI teachers provide children with access to an excellent education, with the inspiration to work hard, and with the tools to reach outstanding levels of achievement.

The Price of Inequality in Education

Most children who do not make it to university come from Israel’s weaker socioeconomic populations or live in geographically peripheral areas.

Children from low socioeconomic backgrounds and geographically peripheral areas traditionally underachieve at school. They require outstanding teachers to help them succeed. However, the low wages, low prestige, and high bureaucracy of the teaching profession in Israel deter Israel’s brightest young adults from entering the field.
McKinsey & Company's 2009 Report on Education demonstrated that teachers’ performance levels form the most important factor in determining students’ success, yet during the past decade, there has been a 50% decline in the number of university graduates entering the field of education, which has significantly affected the quality of Israel’s teachers.

Becoming a TFI Teacher

TFI attracts the country’s top young talent and channels it into the classroom, initially as teachers and eventually through diverse professional positions and sectors. By providing proper training, support and professional development, TFI is cultivating leaders who will use the education system to direct children from disadvantaged backgrounds towards positive life trajectories.

• 200 TFI graduates have joined the Ambassadors Program and are continuing to impact the education system and change policy through their involvement within municipal politics, the non-profit sector and various professional fields.
• 80% continue to work in the education system – a retention rate that is significantly higher than that of new non-TFI teachers.
• Of These teachers, 45% hold administrative and mid-management positions in schools, significant promotions within a short period of time.